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About Us

"Sunshine in every block!"

 In 2022, a group of young and ambitious engineers and environmentalists came together to discuss the future of energy and our planet's environment. They were convinced that the future belonged to renewable energy sources and that more efficient and cleaner technologies needed to be created.

One of their key areas of focus was to create solar panels that could produce more efficiently and safely than traditional solar panels using silicon. They decided to use carbon nanofibres which had a high efficiency and could be produced using environmentally friendly methods.

To improve the efficiency of their solar panels, the engineering team decided to apply blockchain technology. They developed their own blockchain, which allowed them to generate tokens using the solar energy produced by their solar panels. Each token was backed by a certain amount of energy produced by the battery.

This was a real breakthrough in renewable energy and blockchain technology. The company quickly attracted investors and began to scale. They expanded their production line to increase solar panel production and installed a large number of solar panels that could generate tokens

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