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Welcome to the latest news and publications about our inspiring blockchain project. Here you will find the most up-to-date articles and publications in leading media about our innovative platform.

Alqurs Energy launches production of carbon canofiber solar panels in Ras Al Khaimah.

Located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, the state-of-the-art production facility boasts an impressive annual capacity of 1.5 gigawatts (GW). With an initial investment of $500 million, the facility is expected to scale up rapidly, aligning with the company's ambitious growth targets. Alqurs Energy’s move into carbon nanofiber technology positions it among the elite in solar manufacturing, comparable to industry leaders like First Solar and SunPower.

As of the latest market data, Alqurs Energy’s primary token, BARQ, has surpassed the $50 mark, reflecting a robust capitalization exceeding $5 billion. This milestone places Alqurs Energy in the upper echelon of solar energy companies by market valuation, drawing parallels with established firms such as Canadian Solar and JinkoSolar. 

Prominent figures in the Middle Eastern cryptocurrency community have expressed their optimism regarding Alqurs Energy’s innovative approach. Dr. Khalid Al-Mansouri, a noted expert in blockchain technology, stated, “Alqurs Energy’s integration of advanced materials like carbon nanofibers in solar panel production is a significant leap forward. This not only enhances the efficiency of solar panels but also aligns perfectly with the sustainable and decentralized ethos of the blockchain.”

Similarly, Amira Al-Hadi, a leading financial analyst, remarked, “The surge in BARQ’s value to over $50 is indicative of strong investor confidence. The parallels with Ethereum’s success are evident, particularly when considering the technological advancements and market adoption rates.”


UAE Among Top 10 Countries with Highest Installed Solar Energy Per Capita: Report

According to the latest report from Solar Power Europe, the UAE has made its mark among the top 10 countries with the highest installed solar energy capacity per capita in 2023. With a cumulative capacity of 708 watts per capita, the UAE secured the 10th position globally and became the first country from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region to make the list.

In recent years, the UAE has positioned itself as a leader in solar energy development, driven by its ambitious goals for a sustainable energy future and a commitment to diversifying its energy sources. Notably, the UAE achieved gigawatt (GW) scale for the first time since 2019, installing a total of 3.1 GW by 2023. This was largely due to the completion of the 2 GW Al Dhafra solar power project near Abu Dhabi.


The Zion network has been successfully tested with Metamask and Trustwallet. The bridge between the networks will provide more than $400 million worth of BTC and ETH liquidity.

The launch of the Zion network was the third major infrastructure upgrade of the project as part of the Alqurs Network hardfork. Parallel sidechain technology as well as cloud solutions will unite the largest networks with the main ALQ-20 network. This, in turn, will optimise the speed of transactions, increase the speed of data processing from both equipment and the network as a whole and increase the liquidity of the blockchain. 

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Alqurs Energy launches a hackathon with a prize fund of 250000 USDT to develop its "Supernova" project lunchpad.

Alqurs Energy launches a hackathon with a prize fund of 250000 USDT to develop its Supernova project lunchpad.


The hackathon will focus on the following areas: fintech platforms, industrial software, software for renewable energy infrastructure, customer-centric solutions, DeFi applications.

Hackathon finalists will present their projects together with the project team at Paris Blockchain Week Hackaton 2024 


Alqurs Network launches token for wind energy companies

In the world of renewable energy, the focus on sustainability has never been more crucial. The need for clean and reliable energy sources has given rise to various innovations and developments in the sector. One such notable stride has been taken by Alqurs Network, which has recently launched a new token specifically catered to wind energy companies....


Solar Energy and Climate Change: A Sustainable Solution

The representatives of Alqurs Energy are not wasting time and have already started preparing for the launch of new projects together with partners. The first joint project – a huge solar farm using advanced technologies and energy storage systems – is scheduled to be presented as early as next quarter....


How Blockchain Can Foster Transparency in Energy Markets

The secret to Alqurs Energy’s success lies in its innovative blockchain technology, which provides security, transparency and efficiency in the production and distribution of solar energy. Through a unique token distribution mechanism, every user who installs solar panels receives a fair reward in BARQ tokens, which has become a form of new mining...


How Blockchain Technology is Transforming the Energy Industry

One of the key focus areas of this collaboration is the development of new solar technologies utilizing blockchain platforms to optimize energy systems...

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